What to do on holiday in Europe

Booking your hotel and flights is just the start. Our destination guides will help you explore the unseen side of cities and resorts across Europe.
Not sure what to do on holiday in Europe? Our selection of unique insider tips and destination guides will give you some inspiration for how to make the best of your precious vacation time. Whether you are skiing or hiking, surfing, sunbathing or improving your par on a golf holiday, you are certain to find something to make your holiday that little bit extra special.

Things to do in Sardinia +

Sardinia is renowned for the beauty of its beaches, its flamingo population and for the excellent scuba diving opportunities, thanks to wonderful reefs close to the shore in many parts of the island. The island i…

Things to do on holiday in Munich +

The epitome of German culture and history, Munich is also one of the financial centres of the country and has its own unique, Bavarian style that makes this one of the most visited cities in Germany. Our insider guides will help you discover the best of this singular city, from r…

Holidays on Malta +

An island of exquiste Mediterranean beauty and a rich cultural history, Malta offers vacationers both exciting seaside adventure and idyllic relaxation, making it an ideal destination for any holiday. Discover the best the island has to offer with our insider guides and enjoy a p…

What to do on holidays in Ibiza +

A land of sand, sea, sun, and spectacular beauty, Ibiza brims with culture, sport, and leisure activities just waiting to be found. The jewel of Spain’s Balearic Islands, Ibiza is one of the world’s most exciting and paradisiacle destinations. So dive in and discover why Ibiza is…

Things to do in Barcelona +

An enchanting combination of sea, sand, and sun, Barcelona is a perfect holiday destination for any type of escape. From beautiful beaches to gourmet restaurants to some of the world’s most famous cultural attractions, Barcelona has it all. But with so much, how do you make su…

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