Top 10 Bizarre Roadside Attractions in North America

North America is filled with serious monuments to important and historical achievements.

Those aren’t listed here. Here you will find testimonials to the odd, the puzzling and … most especially, the weird.

Please join us for an atypical journey through the curious and the kooky.



10. Cadillac Ranch — Amarillo, Texas.

Where do high-end automobiles go to die? A few lucky ones have gone on to their greater glory at The Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. There, ten Cadillacs are buried nose down in a field at the very same angle as The Great Pyramid of Giza (for reasons that are lost on us, to be frank). They represent the golden age of automobiles from 1949 through 1963.

May they rest in pieces.



9. Jolly Green Giant — Blue Earth, Minnesota

This second most famous “ho-ho-ho” dude is forever memorialized at a full 55 feet tall (which may or may not be to scale). And though today he appears to be guarding the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant from … we’re guessing … veggie haters … he was originally constructed to celebrate the opening of highway I-90. It’s reported that 10,000 people a year stop by to see the big guy.

We suspect it is easy being green when you’re 55 feet tall.

Jolly Green Giant — Blue Earth, Minnesota Image Credit: minnemom/flickr

8. Life-Size Chocolate Moose — Scarborough, Maine

Just about every article you read about “Lenny” the Chocolate Moose (and we’re no exception) points out that the 1700-pound mound of milk chocolate is advertised as “anatomically correct.” We choose to let that image melt right out of our brains and concentrate on the awesomeness of artistic detail of the mascot standing guard inside the Len Libby candy store.

No word on the possibility of getting a chocolate flying squirrel to join him.


See the first 7 here:



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