8 Ways To Take Control Back Over Your Mind

Written by Amateo Ra|

If you are reading this, you are ready to take control of your mind. Since the beginning of our lives, our minds have been programmed by our surroundings and by the World at large. As we grow, evolve and awaken, we learn we have to take back control of our minds.

What are we taking control back from? Well, in part, the immense amount of cultural, societal educational and institutional programming that has greatly influenced who we are, how we view ourselves and our actions.

You don’t need to be a person who needs to feel imprisoned to sit still and be confined to a desk or a cubicle in order to conform. Your relationships don’t need to model modern day sitcoms. Your daily energy doesn’t need to be directed to mindless drama which is governed to distract us from deeper meaning and connection. We must clear this corruption within ourselves in order to change the World around us.


Distractions are everywhere, pulling at us and programming our minds toward needless points of focus meant to disempower us. To drive us into compulsive consumerism and selfishness, rather than community, connection and the drive for Global change in the small actions we take each day.

I want you to take back control of your mind, because I believe it’s imperative to your own personal health and well-being, as well as what’s required to step out in service to the World. I am here to serve, and I know you are too.

1) Be Hyper Selective about the Media you Consume

Marketers all across the Globe are tracking your patterns, buying your information and studying your habits in order to funnel you into purchasing products from the companies that hire them.

If you are inclined to cave, and make impulse unhealthy purchases, such as fast food, they are aware of that, even to the exact percentage of likelihood for you to make that impulse buy. They push ads upon us until our willpower gets weak, and they finally get us to cave.

This is one form of mind control being practiced publically every day. It’s manipulative and it was created to be. You have to take back control from these super rich mega-corporations by making strong willed healthy decisions that support your local community.

Media is always having us invest in fabricated stories in the form of movies and tv, to invest energy to made-up characters, rather than give sincere and powerful attention to our own lives.

Be hyper selective about the media you consume, because it could be consuming you. This isn’t shared to make you feel fearful. Rather, for you to embrace how incredibly powerful and valuable your energy, attention and decisions are.

2) Create Healthy Daily Rituals

Daily Rituals are the ultimate mind control hack that exist. Here’s an insight which changed my life.


How you choose to program your day, from morning to night, is up to you. Realize that companies everywhere have massive incentive to infiltrate your daily rituals with their own products and ads. There are countless of supportive and beneficial businesses who want to help you improve your lifestyle, just be selective about who you let in.

Your time, space and actions are sacred, and your daily rituals are your opportunity to value yourself and life. Make positive choices and know, consistency is everything when it comes to taking back control of your mind.

Tip: Create & outline a perfect day from what you do when you get out of bed, how you spend your day and how you end it. Work each day to model your whole life after your perfect day.

3 ) Exercise & Get In Your Body

Did you know that it’s been scientifically proven that exercise literally makes you smarter?

All forms of exercise improve cognition, help re-build neuro-connectivity in the brain and prevent degeneration of the mind. If you want to practice a form of protest, there is no better one than getting in your body and getting it healthy and fit.

Our bodies are extensions of our minds & hearts. We must “live in our limbs” as we say. Stagnant energy of the mind builds in the body, and many people begin to slow down. Enter more television, internet surfing, impulsive food habits and mindless entrainment. Don’t go down that path, and if you are on it, stop! It can be extremely challenging, but don’t give up. You got this!

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