How to Remember Your Past Lives

If you are curious about some of the past lives you may have experienced, a good place to begin is by looking at your current interests, as well as your fears.

Are there certain types of books, or movies you really enjoy?

Perhaps there is a culture or period of history you have been really drawn to since the time you were a child?

Chances are you were there or once, experiencing a similar situation yourself, in a past life. It is often the subtle subconscious memory of past life experiences which causes a resonance with certain movies, periods of history, cultures, or activities now (or as a child)…


Children haven’t taken on many of the filters of life which block out spiritual experiences and past life memories, and so childhood interests, and even comments can point directly to past life experiences. I remember my younger sister as a child telling my grandmother “I remember when I was the grandma and you were my granddaughter”, and more recently a friends child confidently told his father, “I used to be your grandpa, but then I got sick and died and now I’m just me!”

Fears and Interests Hold Clues

Your interests, and especially those present when you were a child, hold clues to your prior life experiences. When I was young, I used to enjoy playing in my front yard, picking leaves, berries, and flowers and mixing them up to make ‘soups’ and ‘medicines’. While the combinations I was coming up with as a child were simply for play, from whatever happened to be growing around me, I was tapping into my memories of a lifetime past, in which my work had been the creation of herbal remedies.

In addition to interests, it is very common for present life fears to stem from painful emotions tied to one or more past life experiences. This was the case for my mother in law, who for as far back as she could remember, had been overwhelmed by an intense fear of heights. In a channeled session with Archangel Metatron, she asked what she might be able to do to ease the fear, and learned about a past life in which she had died in a car accident after driving off the edge of a cliff.

With the simple awareness of this one lifetime, and consciously releasing past life fear and trauma, her fear in the present was significantly reduced… Not completely gone, but she was suddenly able to ride as a passenger on a mountain road, without the intense fear of falling taking over, which for her was a huge improvement.

So How Do You Remember Your Past Lives?

While there are many hypnotherapists who make a living helping people to remember their past life experiences, past life regression is something you can learn to do for yourself.

Past life memories are always accessed from within, and so relaxing, and getting into a meditative state is the place to begin. Light meditative music, crystals, or incense can help you get into the right state of mind to recall a past life memory.

Once you’re in a relaxed and meditative state of mind, think to yourself “I am tuning into a past life memory”.

past life regressionYou can also ask your angels to help you with this process. “Angels, please help me to remember one of my past life experiences”.

After you ask, release any attachment to the outcome and just relax. Your inner consciousness has the ability to tune into your past life memories.

Notice any words, images, or impressions which come into your awareness, even if they seem a bit blurry, random, or disconnected.

As you practice tuning into your past lives you can begin to pick them up with more clarity, allowing you to remember past skills, abilities, accomplishments and challenges you have already experienced as a soul.

Once your memory fades out, take a moment to write down your experience.

Listening to a past life regression meditation can also help you to relax, focus, and tune into specific details and memories of your past lives.

You can heal present emotional and physical challenges, discover your current lessons and soul’s objectives, and find the keys in your past lives which will unlock potentials in your present and future.

You’ve likely had many past lives where you developed gifts and talents which are ready to be integrated into your life now. You can also clear blockages, and gain a deeper understanding of your souls purpose across many lifetimes with past life healing work.

Glimpses of Past Life Experiences

Recurring dreams, nightmares, or odd memories you have, but which haven’t actually happened in this life, can oftentimes be tied to past life experiences.

Have you ever met someone new and instantly felt a connection, like you’ve known them for years, when you only just met? It’s most likely that you’re soul mates *meaning you’ve known each other in a past life.They may even be a member of your soul group or soul family.

Deja vu, or getting the feeling what you’re currently experiencing has happened before, perhaps in the exact same way, is often another glimpse into your past life memories.


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