The 4 Major Roadblocks to Happiness

It’s a wonder to me that so many people are unhappy.  After all, there aren’t many unhappy babies are there?

What happens to happiness as we get older?

How come stress and worry and all those anxieties can creep in and take over our lives?

Here are 4 of the Major Roadblocks That Most Get In Your Way


Number 1. Trying to be all things to all people. 

We learn quickly what pleases the adults on whom we depend for our survival – and what displeases them too.

As soon as we’re able to monitor our own behavior we begin to shape it to ensure that we get the most from those grown-ups.

That’s fine when you’re three years old, but by the time you’re twenty three, let alone thirty three, you can make your own choices and be yourself.

Thing is, most people don’t and the result is frustration and feelings of limitation.


Number 2. The Blame Game.

It’s easy, oh so very easy, to lay the blame for your unhappiness at the door of something or someone else… The less tangible things are the best – because no one can argue with “bad luck” or “acts of God.”

If they’re not available you can always blame the weather or the government, (a very handy scapegoat), your parents or upbringing, then there’s your boss – the list is almost endless.

The antidote is simply to accept responsibility – not for the situation, but for your reaction to it.  You can always change that!

At the very least if you can begin to accept that everyone (and everything) has their own path…just as you have yours.


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