10 Exciting Cableway Rides

The only thing better than an exciting viewpoint must be a cable ride, with a slowly opening panoramic views. Besides of being a fast way of getting to the top of the mountain, cable lines alone can be a tourist attraction. Check out some of the greatest lifts with the breathtaking views.

10. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, California, USA

The cable ride gives a beautiful glimpse of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument. The views of the desert towns and mountains open from this 4 km long ride above Chino Canyon. Also the cars are rotating, so you get a comfortable 360° view.

Why to go there?

A nice place to go: a vast area of unspoiled nature and wilderness can be explored in the Monument.

How to get there?

The site is a 2 hours drive from Los Angeles and San Diego.



9. Grenoble-Bastille Cable Car, France

The cable cars, also known as the Bubbles, take the residents and visitors to the Bastille fortress since 1934. It is an easy and quick way to reach the popular site: besides, the cable line itself is as famous as the Bastille.

Why to go there?

Over 600 000 tourists go see the fortress each year. They also get to admire the beautiful landscape of Grenoble.

How to get there?

The cable cars take off right from the center of Grenoble.


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