Most Amazing Hikes in North America

Of all the modes of travel available to us today, the oldest is still the best for experiencing the wonders of our world.

Whether you prefer a brisk walk, a casual saunter, a stroll, a trudge or a canter — here are our choices for the best spots to employ your walkin’ shoes!


10. Killarney Park, Ontario, Canada

Thanks to the efforts of several of Canada’s most famous artists, Killarney’s jack pine ridges, clear lakes and quartz hills survive for your walking pleasure.

Calling themselves the Group of Seven, they approached the government, demanding that the area be designated as protected parkland.

Four hiking trails including the picturesque Granite Ridge Trail give visitors unparalleled access to La Cloche Mountains, Georgian Bay and the spectacular beauty immortalized by the iconic paintings of Group of Seven members Lawren Harris, A.J. Casson and A.Y. Jackson.


9. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Hiking into the canyon offers some of the most spectacular vistas available on the planet.

But you should be aware of a one very important thing first. Remember it’s a round trip.

Hikers who explore into the canyon can find themselves exhausted before facing the ascent back to the rim.

Starting your hike with a brutal downhill descent makes the Grand Canyon hike different from any other and can challenge even experienced hikers who aren’t used to it.

It’s also vital to carry plenty of water with you, especially during the summer months.

Walking tours include the Rim Trail, which runs west from the Pipe Creek viewpoint for about 8 miles of paved road, followed by 7 miles unpaved to Hermit’s Rest.

Mather Point, the first view most people reach when entering from the South Entrance, is a popular place to begin.


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