Growing Papaya From Seed

How to grow papaya fruit all year round

I love growing papaya. They are easy to grow (once you know how to!), they are quick to fruit and they fruit all year round.

I can use them both ripe or green, I can feed them to my chickens, and they attract lots of wild birds into my garden.

Papayas are fast growing shade trees, and they look really good, too.

Growing Papaya

Growing papaya from seed is the easiest and most successful way to get started. And of course it’s also the cheapest. You can grow papayas using seed from shop bought papayas.

However, the papaya can be a finicky plant… Papayas are easy to grow, but not necessarily so easy to keep alive and get good fruit from.

Below I tell you how you can easily grow papaya from seed, and how you can ensure a good supply of fruit all year round.

Growing Papaya

Papaya originated in the lowland tropics of South America, but today you find papayas growing everywhere in the tropics and subtropics. It often grows wild, and every tropical food garden has several papaya trees.

To grow good papayas you need a frost free climate, lots of sunlight, lots of water and very good soil.

If you can supply all of the above you can pretty much stick some papaya seeds in the ground at any time of the year, and six to ten months later they will start fruiting.

Ok, admittedly this sounds easier than it is for most beginner gardeners. There are some hurdles and traps to watch out for when growing papayas.

But if you are aware of the possible problems then there is no reason why your first attempt at growing papayas shouldn’t be a smashing success.


Let’s look at the details…


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