Never Throw Away The Used Tea Bags Again‏

It is a known consensus that tea is good for your health, my health and everyone else’s health as well.

But all jokes aside, tea has more healthy aspects than can be contained within a small tea bag. In fact, used tea bags can serve as very helpful tools in life. Not only for your health, but also for your overall self-esteem. Take a look at these interesting ideas that will help you understand the magnitude of tea and its magical properties.

Let’s be clear

Used tea bags, as unsightly as they may seem, can be great tools for acne prone teenagers. Acne, which is, basically, excess sebum production, can be cleared away with the compression of a used tea bag, preferably green tea leftovers. The green tea bag acts as a cleanser and wipes away the excess natural moisturizer (sebum) thus giving your skin a new and clean appearance. This greatly reduces the chances of acne in teens.

Mouth Sores

Used tea bags work wonders by acting as an antiseptic for cuts, abrasions or blisters inside the mouth. The antioxidant properties of the tea just cannot abide with the germs from cuts and the like. Mouth sores say goodbye, tea bags need all the room they can get to clean out that filthy mouth.

Taking the Red out

If you find yourself stressing over red eye, then calm down. It is a simple fact that used tea bags are great for getting rid of the old red eye. All it takes is a cold tea bag, pressed against the eye for up to 2 minutes, and voila! You will have new, fresh and clear eyes!

Keeping it Clean

Used tea bags serve well as cleaning tools. Use them to scrub mirrors, tables and other objects that have a drab appearance. You may be surprised at how well these tools do the job for you. Forget the rags and sponges, tea bags are the way to go!


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