Fun Things To Do Online When You’re Bored

The internet is a great resource of information, knowledge, news and entertainment. However, it is also filled with bad websites, hate, violence, and junk. A huge amount of self-control is needed for you not to be able to be swayed into the bad zone. The combination of unlimited Web access and free time in front of the computer leaves no boundaries for a wandering person. It is very easy to be enveloped or get involved with all the rubbish that’s online. So, if you are a parent, you would want to pass and share these suggestions to your teenage child. And if you are a teenager, I’m sure you will find these sites superbly entertaining.

Boredom can be frustrating and could even lead to some more trouble if you get into the wrong things. Thanks for the power of the internet that provides a whole different world from what we physically have. Below is a list of 50 fun things to do online to keep you busy, even productive.



1. Take a 3D virtual tour of the earth using Google earth’s street map view.

2. Play virtual free online adventure games that allow you to communicate with fellow players.

3. Watch highly rated funny and entertaining online videos on video sites like YouTube.

4. If you love writing, you can write short stories, poems, essays and article and submit them to make some money. Websites like iwriter and textbrokers buy your content.

5. Learn new things by reading books and free resource documents on Google books.

6. Take online quizzes or tests on a wide range of topics to sharpen your skills and learn new thing on ‘Tickle’.

7. Answer questions on forums about your interests and help someone out with your experience.

8. Update your social networking profiles in Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr; adding pictures and changing designs.

9. You can add a ground squirrel to any image that isn’t copyrighted, at ‘The squirrelizer’.

10. Are there any holidays, anniversaries or birthdays coming up? Mailing a bunch of flowers to make someone happy at ‘Flower2mail’is also one of the 50 fun things to do online. And if you are broke, you’ll definitely love this one because it is for free.

11. Chat with someone instantly by registering with TworT and get matched up with a partner right away.

12. Listen to audio books for free at ‘Podiobooks’. You might find your favorite book listed.

13. Say something to that person you have a crush on and let the world know at ‘Hadtosay’.


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