Develop Your Intuition

Almost certainly…

You’ve at least once had the experience that you followed some intuition and, despite the odds, things worked out well.  Even miraculously.

The interesting phrase in that sentence is “almost certainly” – because it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t identify with that experience. 

(All right, all right – so you’re the exception?  Just ask your friends and relatives then. :) )

Despite it’s uncanny accuracy in guiding us, most people don’t trust their intuition and don’t have a clue how to develop it so it becomes conscious.

Of course, you can’t force your intuition – that’s entirely counter-productive and will drive it away as surely as firing a starting pistol near a flock of starlings.

The idea of “sleeping on” a big decision or problem, however, isn’t just an old wives’ tale.

The fact is that settling into sleep makes us “let go” of all of those mental machinations we’re so attached to.

Mostly, problems, (other than scientific or mathematical ones), are not solved by logic alone.  But neither are they sorted by a knee-jerk emotional response.

As you may know, your left brain is in charge of logic, whilst the right hemisphere has our emotional reactions more in its care.

(The brain isn’t quite as simplistic as that, but it will do for our purposes…)


When you have an “intuitive hunch”, both sides of your brain have collaborated to bring you one of those “Aha! Got it!” moments.

That’s why it’s such a great guidance system.

Not only is it likely to come up with the correct answer, but it also knows what’s right for you!

I know people who’ve quit university to go on to a successful modelling career, (against all odds), another who turned down a mortgage that would have broken the bank despite what seemed like an irresistible offer on a gorgeous house – all on flashes of intuition.


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