Money vs Spirituality

The root of all evil? The “stinking rich?”

What’s going on? How did money ever get such a bad rap? And why is it so often regarded as mutually exclusive to spirituality?

I’m going to attempt to address all of those big questions and come to a sensible conclusion in one brief article … so stick with me!

Consider for a moment, what you know of some of the world’s poorest places.

You will have seen plights and plagues caused by lack of education, medical help or roads and transport – things you and I take for granted.

Now imagine that you’d like to help.

Would you be of more use to the people who inhabit those areas by becoming one of them – or by giving them something which costs money?

Clearly, you can’t give what you do not have, and whilst becoming poor yourself may certainly give you understanding of their plight, you would be a burden to them since you’d be one more mouth to feed!

So which is more spiritual:

To give or share from your material wealth, or to resist acquiring wealth yourself because it’s unfair when so many people have so little?

Frankly, I can’t see how keeping yourself poor is helpful or spiritual.

I know there are also those who strongly believe that they should not receive financial reward for healing since, in their view, the healing comes from spirit and they are merely the channel or conduit.

They may well be right, but as far as I can see the “channel” or “conduit” is a physical person who needs to put bread and butter on the table and to pay their bills just like the rest of us embodied folk!

Without the presence of the “channel” or “conduit” presumably the healing couldn’t happen. So I think a handsome tip just for turning up wouldn’t go amiss!

Here’s another thing:

Money is neutral.

I know reasonably wealthy people who are afraid to let money go because they grew up in poverty and can’t quite shake the fear that a time of shortage could return.

To my mind that doesn’t make them un-spiritual. It means that perhaps they need a little help to let go of their fears, because they are to some degree imprisoned by them.

I also know relatively poor people who are against acquiring more because they believe they’re really not capable of the higher degree of success which would bring more income.

Once again, I see people who need help with their self-esteem.


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