Sustainable Design Ideas From Nature

“In this inspiring talk about recent developments in biomimicry, Janine Benyus provides heartening examples of ways in which nature is already influencing the products and systems we build.”-TEDx

“Learning about the natural world is one thing, learning from the natural world is another.” – Janine Benyus

There are 2 things that we need to ask ourselves in order to learn from the world around us.










#1 How does nature make things?   When we make things we heat up materials and shape them into the products we use today.  This has a 96% waste output and only 4% product output.  Nature cannot afford to do that.  So it has found a way to use and reuse 100% of its resources.

With this in mind perhaps we are the ones that are not as technologically advanced as the world around us.  Are we living in the dark ages when it comes to making things?

Life makes everything by adding information or structure onto matter in order to give it function.

#2 How does life make ‘things’ disappear into structure?  Does it pile it up in a trash bucket and wait for the garbage man to come?  Of course not, it has a plan for that.  Life naturally has other life that uses the “waste” from one system to build up another.  The excess fruit that falls from a tree nourishes the soil, organisms and animals around it.  Those systems plant and nourish the seeds of the fruit tree.  Everything works together to create and sustain life.

12 Sustainable Design Ideas from Nature

1. Self Assembly– Nanotechnology.

2. CO2 as a Feed Stock– You can make biodegradable plastic out of CO2.

Bahai-TempleLotus-Temple-Delhi-India3. Solar Transformations– We can greatly enhance our solar technology by getting it to the efficiency of plants.

4. Power of Shape– We can mimic nature to redesign our cars, planes and boats.  Or we could design buildings that are self cleaning because of the shape.

5. Water– Pulling clean water out of the air or fog.

6. Separation technology– Separating metals and other things the way nature does it.



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