Your Soul Is Trying To Help You Make Money

Your Soul is THE most badass business tool available to you. If you express who you are, at Soul-level, through your services and products, but also the way you market, sell, and structure your business … well, financial success is the happy byproduct. Even if you’re not the world’s greatest marketer, and even if you don’t have oodles of sales training.

Your Soul is actually constantly trying to serve you in making more money! Your Soul did NOT come here to experience being able to pay the bills. You just have to learn how to recognize its attempts to assert itself in your business.

Here are three ways you can learn to recognize how your Soul is already trying to show you your path to financial success in your business:

1. Your Real “Why”

When we set new income goals for ourselves, we often find practical rationalizations for what we want to do with the money. We tell ourselves that we’ll pay off our debts, put money towards the kids’ college funds, and take some nice family vacations. Maybe we even want to upgrade our lifestyle – a nicer home, luxury cars, and someone else to do our laundry.

But behind the reasonable lifestyle goals usually lurks a different “why.” It’s an unreasonable use for money, a quirky, even eccentric desire to express yourself into this reality in a highly unique way.

Your Soul-based “why” probably has nothing to do with what financial planners tell you to do with your income. It has nothing to do with being reasonable, or being practical. But pursuing this “why” will accelerate the amount of income you make like nothing else!

I’ll give you a real-life example.

A friend of mine is a highly successful entrepreneur whose company trains IT professionals in something so geeky, I don’t even fully understand it.

He bought a second home just a few miles from his old one, mainly for its huge yard. And then, over the course of several years, he proceeded to design and build himself a two million dollar pool, including three volcanoes. Yes, the man put volcanoes in his backyard! His pool is a crazy play ground full of hidden bar areas, hot tubs, and slides. There’s even a wine cave and a stage area on top, so that he can host live bands!

There is nothing practical about this pool. Sure, he may end up renting out his backyard for parties. But building this pool was his passion. He just … did it. Guess what happened to his business? That’s right … he’s making more money than ever. He listened to his Soul’s desire for self-expression. And while, reasonably, building two million dollars worth of volcanoes as a backyard playground shouldn’t be lucrative … it was.

Money is a tool for creative self-expression. And if you allow money to express the real YOU, your Soul, the spiritual Being that you are … you will attract more of it!


So pay attention to the slightly crazy, impractical longings that arise, over and over again. Maybe it’s a deep desire to collect cars. Or homes. Or travel the world in a sail boat. Don’t do anything irresponsible, but LISTEN.  Your Soul is trying to help your business grow!

2. Creative Flow

Most of us feel it when we’re doing our “work” – you know, the thing we get paid for, whether that’s creating art or coaching clients, or zipping through someone’s tax return. It’s why we love our work. In fact, it’s most likely that delicious state of creative flow that we feel during our work that made us want to get into business to begin with.

The funny thing is, as soon as get down to the business of business-building, we seem to abandon inspired creativity for “proven” marketing strategies, sales funnels, and other people’s systems. So many entrepreneurs I know dislike marketing and sales. Personally, I think they’re just doing it wrong!

We know we’re aligning to our Soul’s authentic self-expression (which, remember, always results in major cash flow!!) when we feel the same sense of creative flow in our marketing, sales, and administrative endeavors as we do in our actual “work.” Which means none of it feels like work! Effort? Sure. As I’m sitting here, writing these words, I’m engaged in effort. Am I “working?” Some people might think so! But the Truth is that I followed inspiration and when I’m done writing, I’m going to feel pretty darn awesome and energized.


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