Humans Do Not Come From Earth

In another article, we discussed the possibility that Earth is a prison planet with the Moon as its guardian. Suddenly, Dr. Ellis Silver stipulates a theory that corroborates the prison part of that article. Furthermore, Dr. Silver’s theory comes to give credit to older theories maintaining that the human being is not natural on this planet.

All of these theories are based on the differences between man and the all the other species that inhabit the planet. Dr. Silver’s theory focuses on evidence on how mankind is not suited to live on this planet, along with behavioral patterns that indicate that we are here as a sort of punishment.
We will discuss Dr. Silver’s observations in conjunction with the rest of the theories in order to extract a conclusion. The basic elements of all the theories put together are:
1. Bad backs
The problems that mankind faces with its spine and back are a clear indication that the original environment is one of lower gravity. Earth’s higher gravity puts strain in the skeleton and the result is the back pains.
2. Sunlight
Humans, in contrast with other species, cannot sunbath for more than a given time per day without getting sunburned. This indicates that the human body was not designed for constant exposure to the sun.
3. Illnesses
Dr. Silver stipulates that humans are always ill because they evolved on a 25 hour per day environment instead of 24 as on Earth, and they have not adapted yet. The older theories add to this concept, than in many cases, when there is an illness, humans are disabled and cannot carry out their work load, which rarely occurs in the other species.
4. Dislike of the Earth environment
Many people have a profound dislike for all foods that are naturally grown. An equal amount of people do not feel that Earth is their home. Many have reported visions and dreams of other worlds with other circumstances and other living conditions much better than even the best conditions available on Earth. This is even further indication of human beings been brought here from someplace else.
5. Birth difficulty
Babies’ heads are too large, which presents a problem to women when there are giving birth, a problem which may result in fatalities to both the mother and the infant.

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Nikola Tesla: How Far Ahead Was He?

A name that is placed next to Einstein, Maxwell, Faraday, Leibnitz, Ohm, Ampere and all the other legendary figures of science. But does he deserve to be there, or does he deserve to be on top of them all?

It was July 10, 1856 that he first saw the light of day at Smiljan (located in contemporary Serbia – modern day Croatia – which, at the time was part of the Austrian Empire) and through his life he has patented over 300 inventions.
Typically he is referred to as an inventor and an electrical/mechanical engineer who studied at Graz University and dropped out. It is curious that the person responsible for the basis of our modern science did not even finish his studies.
What is he responsible for? Let’s begin with alternate current (AC), high voltage transfers and high frequency power, without which we would still be using direct current and voltages up to 30 Volts. Then we go to induction motor, rotating magnetic fields, radio remote control devices and a project that he did not manage to finish, X-rays. Still doubt that he was a genius?
His thoughts and ideas made the other scientists of his era describe him as a “mad scientist”. And yet, people saw fit to name the unit of magnetic measurement after him. And yet, the Americans saw fit to offer him incentives to move to the U.S.A. and continue his work there. And yet, there were people that funded him with a lot of capital so that he would be able to complete his experiments and present his inventions. 300 of them. What a mad scientist! But it is not his recognized work that is the scope of this article. It is his secret and unrecognized work that we will be discussing about. It is those theories that were regarded as so extravagant that earned him the title and yet, nowadays, they may have been put into effect, and no one acknowledges that they are based on the notions of a mad scientist 100 plus years ago! Discoveries, experiments and notes that were hidden from the general public and were implemented solely on governmental and military projects with results that could threaten the entire world! What are they? Let’s begin:
Earth’s resonant frequency

It has been confirmed that all bodies have a resonant frequency. What is this frequency? The one at which a specific body oscillates with greater amplitude. It is the frequency that can result to its destruction. Tesla stated that Earth had such a frequency around 1900. When was it confirmed? 32 years later by Frederick E. Terman. What would the result of such a frequency be on earth? The same as in Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940. The oscillation was so great that the bridge completely collapsed. Alleged application of Tesla’s Earth’s resonance notion? According to some scientists (unverified and unproven accounts) in intentional earthquake creation through magnetic induction to the magma chamber.
Artificial lightning
In as far back as 1899, Tesla produced artificial lightning in Colorado Springs consisting of millions of volts and as long as 135 feet. The thunder of the released energy was heard 15 miles away and people at Cripple Creek, Colorado, observed sparks between their feet and the ground and from water taps when they touched them. Through his high frequency experiments he destroyed a power station generator. Does this sound like an electrical weapon to you? Could there be one or more hidden somewhere and we will not find out until it is too late?
Wireless electric current
During his tenure at Colorado Springs, Tesla experimented on atmospheric electricity. He received funding from J. Pierpont Morgan to construct the Wardencluffe Tower for the purpose of achieving wireless communication. In 1903 he stipulated at letters to his sponsor that this tower would be capable, apart from transmitting wireless massages, to transmit wireless electrical power. The experiment was never completed as Morgan interrupted the funding (afraid he’s going to lose a lot of business).

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New Understanding of Time

It turns out Doctor Who was right: “Timey-wimey” is, indeed, a bit “wibbly-wobbly.”

Scientists have confirmed, several times, that the speed at which time passes is both variable and malleable. We can speed it up. We can slow it down. In fact, you do so every day without even knowing it.

Now, before we explore the concept of time we need to first explore the concept of gravity. We would appear to experience gravity two-dimensionally: up and down. However, Gravity is not two-dimensional. If you were to drop a bowling ball off of a tower, it would fall down to the ground. If you were to drop a bowling ball off a tower in New York City at the same moment your Aussie friend dropped a bowling ball off a tower in Perth, both bowling balls would fall “down”—but they’d also be traveling in opposite directions. They’d be falling “down” as well as toward one another.


Earth’s gravity pulls all objects—from all directions—toward the center of the planet. We define “up” and “down” based on that gravitational pull and relationship to the center of earth. If you were to jump into a big underground drill and travel to the center of the Earth, you’d reach a point where there was no more “down”—only “up.” “Down” doesn’t exist at that point—at least in terms of the Earth.

All physical objects are manifestations within a Gravitational Field, and it is even a tiny form of Gravity that stuck those original particles to create the Mass in the first place. Mass creates gravitational force.  The more mass an object has, the more gravitational force it exerts.

Now, let’s take a step off the surface of these planets and explore what’s going on in the space around them. Our moon is held in orbit by the Earth’s gravitational pull. The Earth circles the Sun because of the Sun’s massive gravitational force. That’s all basic stuff we learned in fourth grade, but here’s where it gets Wibbly-Wobbly: Gravity also tugs at time and space.

In his 1905 special theory of relativity, Einstein asserted that space and time were not two separate phenomenons or entities. Instead, space (height, width, length) and time (forward? now? backward?) were mixed together in one continuum—woven together in one fabric. This single continuum of time and space has come to be called “spacetime”—the physical manifestation of all space and all time.

I think of it as a soup. The noodles and vegetables are as much a part of the soup as the broth is, and together they have combined to create the entire wholeness of the soup. 



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Fun Things To Do Online When You’re Bored

The internet is a great resource of information, knowledge, news and entertainment. However, it is also filled with bad websites, hate, violence, and junk. A huge amount of self-control is needed for you not to be able to be swayed into the bad zone. The combination of unlimited Web access and free time in front of the computer leaves no boundaries for a wandering person. It is very easy to be enveloped or get involved with all the rubbish that’s online. So, if you are a parent, you would want to pass and share these suggestions to your teenage child. And if you are a teenager, I’m sure you will find these sites superbly entertaining.

Boredom can be frustrating and could even lead to some more trouble if you get into the wrong things. Thanks for the power of the internet that provides a whole different world from what we physically have. Below is a list of 50 fun things to do online to keep you busy, even productive.



1. Take a 3D virtual tour of the earth using Google earth’s street map view.

2. Play virtual free online adventure games that allow you to communicate with fellow players.

3. Watch highly rated funny and entertaining online videos on video sites like YouTube.

4. If you love writing, you can write short stories, poems, essays and article and submit them to make some money. Websites like iwriter and textbrokers buy your content.

5. Learn new things by reading books and free resource documents on Google books.

6. Take online quizzes or tests on a wide range of topics to sharpen your skills and learn new thing on ‘Tickle’.

7. Answer questions on forums about your interests and help someone out with your experience.

8. Update your social networking profiles in Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr; adding pictures and changing designs.

9. You can add a ground squirrel to any image that isn’t copyrighted, at ‘The squirrelizer’.

10. Are there any holidays, anniversaries or birthdays coming up? Mailing a bunch of flowers to make someone happy at ‘Flower2mail’is also one of the 50 fun things to do online. And if you are broke, you’ll definitely love this one because it is for free.

11. Chat with someone instantly by registering with TworT and get matched up with a partner right away.

12. Listen to audio books for free at ‘Podiobooks’. You might find your favorite book listed.

13. Say something to that person you have a crush on and let the world know at ‘Hadtosay’.


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3 Strange Extraterrestrial Encounters

While growing up in a small CT shoreline town outside New Haven, I never really believed in anything. I guess I was a child atheist. I believed what I was taught in school: logic and science. Ghosts, aliens, magic and even God were all made up things… Until one day the universe decided to let me in on some big secrets. It seems that everything I learned in school wasn’t the whole truth. Now that I’ve written my book and have spoken to others in the world of ufology, I found out that my extraterrestrial experiences beginning at such a young age is common. Often people who become contactees have their first contacts as children…

The first lesson the universe had for me was to take away my foundation of reality! It began in my childhood home on one ordinary night and not unlike any other. My family all went to sleep and as I had done many times before, I got out of bed in the middle of the night. I quietly took my blanket and laid on top of the heater vent in the hallway. The vent came up through the floor in the middle of the hall at the top of the stairs. It was centered between four bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor where I would often fall asleep.

This time I was awakened by what I thought was a young boy standing at my feet smiling at me. He was about three feet tall with dirty blonde straight hair. I thought that maybe my sister Janet had been sitting and the child woke up wandering. But then I thought it was probably a dream because that didn’t make sense. So I rubbed my eyes but the child was still there. I did it again only harder and again he was still there. I remember thinking that I had to wake myself up. I rubbed my eyes two more times, still there. Only now because of the look on his face I started getting scared. It began to occur to me that this wasn’t what it seemed, so I ever so slowly stood up. He was looking right at me, and smiling with an uncanny knowing smile. Something in his expression seemed to me as if he was thinking “I know something about YOU!” Suddenly he started to move, he went around me from my right hand side to my left. As he passed, I followed him in through my mom’s open door at the end of the hall. There he stopped at the end of her bed while still looking at me. I slowly circled around him, making no quick or jerky moves. I didn’t want to arouse any suspicion of what I was about to do. I stood between him and the end of my mom’s bed. He was right under the hanging light switch. I was going to grab for the switch quick before he has a chance to react. “NOW!” I quickly pull the switch! The damn light blows out, but during the flash, I could see he or it was gone. I instantly leaped into my mother’s bed and frantically woke her so I could tell her. “Mom, Mom,” she’s like, “what’s the matter?” “I just saw a ghost at the end of your bed.” She says, “that’s because you’re so bad.” I was around 9 years old at the time and that was real encouraging. The next morning I told my brother but he didn’t believe me. He went upstairs with me to turn on the light, it was blown. “See, I wasn’t lying.”

I first believed it was a ghost but later experiences brought me to the conclusion that it was more likely an extraterrestrial.

The Second Visual Contact

OK but now several years would pass and the next event would change me permanently. It was what I’ve heard referred to as a plasma UFO and now I began to think that someone was trying to get my attention. Now the first visual event of the little boy wasn’t a fluke anymore.

Now I’m about 11 or 12 and WOW! What the hell is that in the sky, Venus? It must be a planet I thought. I’ve heard about these things before, colorful lights always turn out to be a planet. But it couldn’t be a planet because it’s too big and close and moving too weird.


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500 Year Old Map Shatters the Official History

If conventional wisdom on the history of the human race is correct, then human civilization is not old enough, nor was it advanced enough, to account for many of the mysterious monolithic and archeological sites around the world. Places like Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, the Bosnian Pyramids, and Adam’s Calendar in South Africa, beg the same question: if human civilization is supposedly not old enough to have created all of these sites, then who, or what, had the capacity to create so many elaborate structures around the globe?

It is clear that our understanding of our own history is incomplete, and there is plenty of credible evidence pointing to the existence of intelligent and civilized cultures on Earth long before the first human cultures emerged from the Middle East around 4000BC. The Admiral Piri Reis world map of 1513 is part of the emerging more complete story of our history, one that challenges mainstream thinking in big ways.

Mapmaking is a complex and civilized task, thought to have emerged around 1000BC with the Babylonian clay tablets. Antarctica was officially first sighted by a Russian expedition in 1820 and is entirely covered in ice caps thought to have formed around 34-45 million years ago. Antarctica, therefore, should not be seen on any map prior to 1820, and all sighted maps of Antarctica should contain the polar ice caps, which are supposedly millions of years old.

A world map made by Ottoman cartographer and military admiral, Piri Reis, casts some doubt on what we think we know about ancient civilization.

The Piri Reis map, which focuses on Western Africa, the East Coast of South America, and the North Coast of Antarctica, features the details of a coastline that many historians and geologists believe represents Queen Maud Land, that is, Antarctica. Remarkably, as represented in this map, the frigid continent was not covered in ice caps, but, rather, with dense vegetation. How could a map drawn in 1513 feature a continent that wasn’t discovered until 1820? And if the continent had in fact been discovered by one of the civilizations known to have emerged after 4000BC, why were the ice caps not on the map?

The paradoxes presented by the map were of little significance to the world until Charles Hapgood, a history professor from New Hampshire, USA, claimed that the information in the Piri Reis map supported a different view of geology and ancient history. Hapgood believed that the map verified his global geological theory, which explains how portions of Antarctica could have remained ice-free until 4000BC.

Hapgood’s presentation is so convincing that even famed theoretical physicist and philosopherAlbert Einstein wrote the following supportive forward to a book that Hapgood wrote in 1953:

“His idea is original, of great simplicity, and – if it continues to prove itself – of great importance to everything that is related to the history of the Earth’s surface.”Albert Einstein


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Thrive in Mercury Retrograde

If you are in the spiritual community than you are familiar with the dreaded raincloud of an astrological forecast called Mercury Retrograde.  If you are reading this article, you are most likely familiar with the key advice: Don’t talk to anyone, don’t make deals or sign contracts and make sure not to buy anything significant!

Everyone quick! Crawl into your psychological mental cave and don’t come out until this influence passes! Well that would be just fine if we actually still lived in a tribe and the modern structures of society were not so relevant. But are all of these fanatical warnings even actually warranted? Should we walk around wary of the impending doom of the sinister Mercury Retrograde just waiting to get us?

First of all let’s talk a bit about what Mercury in Retrograde even is. Mercury retrograde happens when the planet Mercury passes between the Earth and the Sun, as it passes it appears as if it is spinning backwards. Because Mercury’s orbit is about 84 days, this happens three times a year. While the retrogrades typically last about 22 days, there is a “entering” time frame on either side of two to three weeks where the influences kind of echo. In other words the influences can be felt about a week before and after the actually planetary positioning.

So why do we feel Mercury so intensely? Mercury has a huge core made almost completely of what astronomers have concluded to be iron. The only planet in our Solar System to contain this much of this metal, with Mercury passing so closely between the Earth and Sun it almost becomes like a huge magnet charging between polarities. While it hasn’t been proven by science, I would assume this is the reason that technology can get a bit dysfunctional during this time. Not to mention on an even deeper level, why it affects the human brain since both Mother Earth and our nervous system are wired with electromagnetic properties.

These influences on a spiritual realm, open what is know as a shadow or yin period. This is not a shadow period in the sense of negativity although the common westerner who does not understand these qualities would paint it as so, hence why there is so much hype about Mercury Retrograde. These energetic principles can be seen in all of life and I call them the galactic breath. All of life has an ebb and flow, an inhale and exhale. Maybe you would be more familiar with the yin and yang metaphor.  Mercury Retrograde as mentioned above is the yin. It is the time to relax, rest, to contemplate and collect what would otherwise be not easily accessible information from the realm beyond. It is about purifying your vessel through slowing down but also just listening to what the universe would like for you to do next.

Mercury Retrograde if utilized properly can be a kind of extrasensory tool to contact and connect with the steps to take next on the path or that hidden piece of the puzzle you have been trying to figure out. To paint a picture of what this influence is like, I will compare it to drinking Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is an extremely potent psychedelic plant medicine used by the ancients to purify the body and spirit but also has been the connector to the spirit world for Shamans and medicine men for thousands of years. In these traditional ceremonies the Shaman will most often ask that you do not communicate with others but just experience what the medicine has to show you. This influence is of the same structure. It excites such periods of utter chaos that you literally just have to surrender to observe and obtain the lesson and more importantly the cleansing.

Now that I have offered some ethos to chew on, to get a feel of what this energy period is all about,  I will share with you tools I have observed to be beneficial in exalting these energies to create a pleasant planetary influence for you.

6 Ways to Thrive in Mercury Retrograde:

  1. Yup unfortunately still this one: Don’t Sign, Don’t Buy. That is, when you can avoid doing so. I am talking about big purchases. Buying a house, large piece of technology, car or signing an important agreement. The problem if you sign or buy with Mercury retrograde, or about to be going into retrograde, is that something is likely to reverse itself hence the connection with Mercury spinning backwards. Or, you will learn something you wish you had known sooner. Since we all live in a world where we can’t plan everything there are questions of what to do when you have a house closing scheduled for during Mercury retrograde, if you have to start a new job, or you absolutely have to get that new car. If the situation involves significant amounts of money and-or a real commitment, it might be a good idea to talk to an astrologer about how Mercury retrograde affects you personally and how to remedy the situation. (Which I will offer an astrologer friend of mine who is VERY talented at doing Mercury Retrograde readings and coaching at the bottom of this article for those who need it.)


  1. The truth comes out when Mercury shifts, either going retrograde or direct. Since this is a divination energy it has a way of cleansing and exposing the underlying and subconscious truths of situations. Most often you will see this kind of grand reveal of information as Mercury is going direct again coming out of Mercury Retrograde influence or right before going into retrograde. This is one of the main reasons you want to wait before signing or buying. Mercury Retrograde is a crucible of sorts, the idea where if you combine elements in a confined space, put them under pressure and heat; the elements transform. Whether for better or worse, the universe will be handing you the truth of each situation. Though at times it may seem intense, with the right perspectives these could be the long awaited missing puzzle pieces you have been waiting to solve the issue that just wouldn’t go away.


  1. If an item of communication is missed, don’t assume you’re being ignored. During this influence there are going to be more of a likelihood for your email to end up in the spam filter or have general errors. It is better during this time to be graceful and patient, giving people the benefit of the doubt. Make sure to check up on someone with whom you sent a message or email. Specifically if they don’t reply right away during this influence they may just be overwhelmed since the whole globe is experiencing technical difficulties from just not understanding how to handle the current energy shift. Be sure to send a friendly follow up to see if they received your message. When in doubt try, try again and keep calm.

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16 People With Real Super Powers

Have you ever dreamed about having super powers?  Most likely if you are anything like me you have fantasized about having extraordinary abilities such as super strength or moving objects with your mind.

We have found 16 examples of people who claim to have developed some extraordinary abilities.  Perhaps we are evolving into a world of zero limits.

1. X-Ray Vision

Natasha DemkinaNatasha Demkina is a Russian woman who claims to be able to see into peoples bodies.  Just like an X-ray machine she is able to detect problems inside of people and diagnose them.

Natasha was a normal kid up until the age of ten according to her mother.  At that age her abilities began to manifest.

“I was at home with my mother and suddenly I had a vision. I could see inside my mother’s body and I started telling her about the organs I could see. Now, I have to switch from my regular vision to what I call medical vision. For a fraction of a second, I see a colorful picture inside the person and then I start to analyze it.” says Demkina

2. Magnetic Body

3_liew-thow-linLiew Thow Lin is a man from Malaysia who can stick metal objects into his body.   Although scientists cannot detect anything going on with the magnetics of his body he is able to hold and balance a unique amount of metal objects on his skin.

3. Super Human Memory:

daniel-tammetDaniel Temmet is able to memorize incredible amounts of information.  For example he was able to recite Pi up to 22,514 digits in five hours and nine minutes on 14 March 2004.

Most Savants are not able to explain how they accomplish their amazing abilities but Daniel is different.  He explains that in his mind every whole number up to 10,000 has its own unique texture, color, shape and feel.  This has helped him to remember things visually much easier then the average person.

In his experience the visual image of 289 as very ugly, 333 is particularly attractive, and pi is beautiful.  Perhaps this is how the frequency of numbers and numerology work with the logical world.

4. No Need for Sleeping:

Imagine what life would be like if you didn’t need to sleep?  I know we would miss out on a lot of fun dreams but what could we accomplish?  Well Al Herpin cant sleepwas a man who knew what that was like.

Al Herpin claimed to have a rare type of insomnia where he didn’t need to sleep and at one point in his life had apparently been awake for over 10 years.  This attracted the attention of medical professionals who investigated further.

They found no bed, or sleeping place in Al Herpin’s home.  He claimed to go to work and then sit in his rocking chair reading until it was time to go to work the next day.  He was found to be in good health and also lived to the old age of 94.

5. Stomach of Steel:

MrEatsEverythingMichel Lotito was known for his ability to eat non-digestable objects without any bad effects.  He was seen to consume glass, metal, rubber and other objects.  Do not try this at home.


6. Super Language Abilities:

220px-Dr_Harold_Whitmore_WilliamsThe average person on earth is estimated to only be able to speak 1.69 languages.  Harold Williams, on the other hand was able to speak 58 different languages.

Harold was a normal kid until the age of 7 when he describes having an ‘Explosion in his brain’.  After that he learned latin, which is the root to many languages, and couldn’t get enough.

He spent his life traveling the world going region by region learning all the languages he could.

7. Eagle Vision (20x more acute than the rest of us):

binocularsVeronica Seider holds the world record for being able to see the smallest object without assistance from technology.

In 1972 the University of Stuttgart, in then West Germany, reported that one of their students; Veronica Seider had a visual acuity 20 times better than average person. For example she could identify people at a distance of more than a mile away (1.6 km).

The typical person would need a set of binoculars to be able to accurately accomplish that.




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27 Reasons to Avoid Farmers Markets

Eating local is all the rage right now. Still, there are plenty of reasons to avoid farmers’ markets and roadside stands. If you can say—and believe—the following statements, don’t be taken in by all the foodie hype!

  1. I prefer bland, tasteless food. Taste buds are best kept lulled and complacent. Like old-school vanilla before the French got hold of it.

  2. If farmers have faces—which I doubt—why would I want to look at them? Anonymity rules!

  3. I love factory-farmed meat, dairy, and eggs. All animals belong in little boxes.

  4. I love eating chemicals and pesticides. After all, if this stuff preserves food, it will preserve me, too. Won’t it?

  5. The goal of living in community is to be like all the other neighborhoods in the world. We’d all be happier if we were homogenous.
    Diversity is a killer.

  6. I love GMO. One day I might sport gills like a fish or raise glow-in-the-dark rabbits. Could anything be cooler?

  7. I hate my neighbors and I hope they all lose their jobs and have to move away. Small local businesses are nothing but a pain.



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Earth is Still an Alien Planet

There are a myriad of different programs looking for life out beyond our planets. Missions to Mars looking for water and bacteria, probes to Titan, Europa and Enceladus, the James Webb Space Telescope searching explanets for biosignatures or even SETI to find extraterrestrial radio signals. All of these are well and good, but they are for sure long-term projects which pose significant logistical challenges.

Tangible progress in these fields could be many years away, and success of new life, while certainly it will happen one day, there is no forecast of when we might hope to achieve this.

BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS! We will probably discover a completely new, alien ecosystem right here on our provably habitable and only partially explored home planet. We have only explored about .4% of the Earths total mass, and we might find out some crazy things if only we try looking….

1. Inside the Earths Massive Underground Super-Ocean

This one may actually turn out to mean we’ve never even touched upon the earths largest ecosystem. Geologists are increasingly certain that a massive ocean, larger than all of the water on the earths surface combined, lies deep underneath us.

ocean earthIt’s not unrealistic that earths super-ocean may contain life. Life started in the water on planet earth, whats to say it didn’t start (or at least migrate) deep underground as well? What we’re talking about here is a completely unexplored underground ecosystem that we have NO IDEA is down there, larger than the oceans of Europa and Enceladus combined. For any lover of exploration, this is a dream come true!

The only trouble is that in some ways, it actually seems much easier to travel through 390 million miles of space than it is to go 6 miles of solid rock. The Japanese Chikyu vessel is being constructed over the next 10 years to allow humans to directly access the earths mantle for the first time, and they will be digging directly through the ocean floor to get to it.

This mission may give us evidence of life under the surface, only time and human willpower will tell.


2. In the Earths Upper Atmosphere.

theatmosphereIn September 2013, British molecular biologist Milton Wainwright flew a high-altitude balloon over England and found something he didn’t expect to see: algae floating 17 miles above Earth’s surface.

Nobody is quite sure how it got there, and until we have a solid theory we have no reason to assume that these algae are the only life forms we’ll find in the skies of Earth.

One might assume though that it has something to do with the recent discovery of Biological Life manifesting out of non-living materials spontaneously, and the fact that most space-dust is teeming with biological life. You can read more about that here.


3. On the Ocean Floor.

It is an accurate statistic (and commonly-cited nowadays) that less than 5% of the ocean’s floor has been explored. If we were to look at the ocean floor as if it were land, (which technically it is) and realized that we still haven’t mapped over 95% of it… well how well-explored would we say it was?

Dry land only makes up 29% of Earths terrain, and the rest of the surface is hidden from us by massive amounts of water. We have no idea what is lurking at the deepest depths, though what we’ve already seen suggests that there is some REALLY incredible things we have yet to find.


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